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ThreatFactor provides solutions for auditing website content for security issues. ThreatFactor NSIA (Network System Integrity Analysis) is the first product dedicated to website defacement detection.

Read below how NSIA can solve website security problems:


Small / Medium Business

Small and medium businesses are a frequent target for website defacements and other website security problems since they rarely have a dedicated security staff and are likely to use a large service provider for web-hosting (which are oftentimes much more vulnerable to compromise than private hosting).

ThreatFactor NSIA was designed to be easy to setup and manage. It is best solution for those who don't have much time to allocate to security monitoring but need realtime protection. [Read More]

Large Enterprise

Large enterprises typically have a vast and complex system of websites managed by multiple groups. Thus, those responsible for security are typically not aware of the content that the website is offering visitors or whether a page has been altered.

ThreatFactor NSIA was designed to be scalable and is ideal for use with large websystems. NSIA will automatically identify the content associated with a website, oftentimes finding content that was not supposed to be publicly available. [Read More]

Web Hosting Providers

Hackers oftentimes target large web hosting firms in order to perform mass defacements. Web hosts are particularly vulnerable for the following reasons:
Shared hosting
An attacker that compromises a single server hosting multiple websites can deface all of the websites on the server.
Similar Server Configuration
Service providers oftentimes use systems with the same configuration in a single data center. Thus an attacker or web-worm can compromise multiple servers with a single exploit.
Malicious Users
Service providers have no guarantee that those who signup for web hosting won't use the web-space for malicious purposes; doing so may cause the web-hosting company to be exposed to legal risk.
Insecure Hosted Websites
Many of the users that setup websites lack the technical knowledge to write websites without vulnerabilities. These poorly designed sites may serve as jumping points for an attacker to target other systems.

ThreatFactor NSIA's auto-discovery system and high quality scanning engine makes it perfect for hosting providers that need a high of level detection with minimal effort. [Read More]

Managed Security Service Provider

Website defacements are one of the foremost concerns for customers looking for managed security services. However, current detection technologies are too unreliable for solution providers to detect website security problems according to the service level agreements that customers demand. Furthermore, current solutions are time consuming to monitor because they are prone to false positives and do not automatically baseline website content.

ThreatFactor NSIA was designed specifically for website auditing and therefore produces far less false positives than current solutions while at the same time providing a reliable detection mechanism. Furthermore, it can be easily integrated into an existing log management solution or SIM (Security Information Management system). [Read More]