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ThreatFactor NSIA


The following is a series of screenshots for ThreatFactor NSIA.

Overview Dashboard Overview Dashboard
The main dashboard clearly displays the status of the scanner and of the monitored websites.
Scan Result Report Scan Result Report
Scan reports indicate what resources were discovered and provides details on what issues were observed.
ThreatScript Signature ThreatScript Signature
ThreatScript signatures perform deep content analysis and can detect significant changes.
ThreatPattern Signature ThreatPattern Signature
ThreatPattern signatures can identify known-bad elements such as attacks, offensive language and information leaks.
Rule Status Overview Rule Status Overview
The rule status page shows indicates the current state of each rule; including which have found issues, were unable to scan (for example, due to an outage in the webserver) or those rules that have not been scanned yet.
Rule History Overview Rule History Overview
The rule history page displays the status of past scans.
Access Control Access Control
NSIA was designed for multiple users and supports sophisticated access controls.
System Status System Status
The system status page displays the operational status of the scanner, including memory usage, number of threads, number of rules evaluated, etc.
Scan Policy Management Scan Policy Management
Individual scan policies can be defined in order to tailor the scans according to the websites begin scanned.
Integrated Database Integrated Database
NSIA features a built-in database (no DBA required). NSIA maintains the database by creating backups, defragmenting indexes, etc. You can also use an external database instead.