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ThreatFactor NSIA


NSIA Screenshot

Key Features

Automatic Content Baselining and Self-Tuning
ThreatFactor automatically creates analyzes monitored sites and establishes a baseline; the baseline is used to self-tune the system in order to reduce the rate of false alerts and to increase the sensitivity to potentially unauthorized changes.
Automatic Web-Content Discovery
ThreatFactor automatically discovers the content associated with monitored websites; oftentimes finding hidden or unexpected content.
Built-In Web Interface
ThreatFactor features an built-in web-server that makes administration easy using a web-browser.
Comprehensive Signature Set
Includes over 2000 signatures for issues ranging from exploits and privacy problems to offensive language.
Full Access Controls
The ThreatFactor servers supports rights, object-level access controls that can be applied to users and groups.
Integrated Custom Signature Editor
A syntax highlighting signature editor is provided for writing custom ThreatPattern and ThreatScript signatures.
SIEM Integration
ThreatFactor can log to a an external device such as a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) tool or log management solution.
Integrated Database
ThreatFactor features an integrated database and eliminates the need for a DBA.