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Download NSIA


NSIA requires the free Sun Java Runtime (JRE) version 6 or higher. Note that the installers will attempt to determine if you have Java installed already.

Installers and Files

ThreatFactor is self-contained and can be easily run without running an installation; simply drag it to a directory and run the server to begin. However, an installer is provided and should be used on Windows if you plan on installing the ThreatFactor server as a Windows service.

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Windows Installer
Version 1.0.6, 14.9 MB
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Standard Version (No Installer)
Version 1.0.6, 14.8 MB (Use this version if deploying on a non-Windows platform)
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Ubuntu Package
Version 1.0.6, 14.1 MB


ThreatFactor NSIA definitions are free. Register for an account on ThreatFactor.com then generate a free license key for each of your scanners.

If do not want to register, you can download the definitions and import them manually into NSIA.